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Lifetime Structural Warranty

Rembrandt Pools warrants the swimming pool shell to remain structurally sound for the period of time the pool is owned by the original Buyer. The term "structurally sound" is defined as, the swimming pool is capable of containing and retaining water without water loss due to a crack in the concrete structure of the pool. Any failure of the shell to retain water shall be repaired so that it will hold water at no charge to the original Buyer. This lifetime structural warranty to the original Buyer does not extend to cover items external to the pool shell for example, interiors, tile, equipment, decking, plumbing, electrical.


Lifetime Cleaning Warranty

The "MagnaSweep" In-floor Cleaning System is a limited lifetime warranty to the original Buyer.


5 Year Underground Warranty

Rembrandt Pools warrants all "underground installations" of pool plumbing, gas runs, (including pipe & fittings) and all electrical runs associated with the pool installation to be free of defects in the materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the pool start up date to the original Buyer.


3 Year Hayward Equipment Warranty

Rembrandt Pools assigns to the original Buyer "Hayward Pool Products" warranty covering pumps, filters, heaters and electronic controls excluding maintenance items. Pursuant to the terms, this manufacturers warranty will cover all Hayward equipment installed with your pool for a full 3 years from the pool start up date.


2 year Protection Warranty

Rembrandt Pools warrants all workmanship and materials used in the construction of the original Buyer’s pool to be free of defects for a period of 2 years from the pool start up date.


Limitations and Conditions

Defects or failures caused due to lack of proper maintenance, operations, vandalism, or accurate water chemistry are not covered. Damage or failures caused by surface or subterranean drainage under or around pool or earth fill movement, explosions, and expansive soil conditions are not covered. The swimming pool should be kept full of water at all times and will be used in a normal and reasonable manner and shall be operated in accordance with all contractor and manufacturers policies and instructions in their manuals.


(See Contract for detailed warranty and limitations)

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